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Houston Barbeque Restaurant A Local Gem

Houston barbeque restaurants are a dime a dozen in Texas, the land of barbeque. Fortunately, one local establishment, The Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q restaurant, gets everything right. Whether you're craving Beef, Chicken, Links, Ribs, Pork, Ham, Turkey, or Homemade French Fries, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q can satisfy your every barbeque need.

Founded in 1952 by the Kiddy Brothers, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q has grown to be one of Houston's local gems. As the first dine-in barbeque restaurant in Houston, Hickory Barn set the standard for exemplary food, service, and a down-home atmosphere. Barbeque cooking is a fine art, and the six Kiddy Brothers mastered their craft early on. As a result, all Hickory Barn meats are barbequed with Hickory wood for a savory, irresistible flavor. But Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q has more to offer than just an outstanding barbeque menu.

With a rich tradition that could only evolve over decades of serving loyal diners, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q prides itself on offering quality barbeque in an authentic barbeque setting. Most of the Hickory Barn barbeque staff are either family members or employees who have been with the restaurant for over thirty years. But delectable meats only scratch the surface of what Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q has to offer. Accompaniments include fresh produce for salads and sides, as well as a wide selection of desserts that include homemade pies.

In addition to Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q's in-house dining, the restaurant also offers a comprehensive barbeque catering service that can accommodate any size event in Houston. Whether you're hosting an office party, family gathering, or large reception, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q will ensure that your event is memorable.

Open seven days a week, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q has some of the most reasonable prices for barbeque in Houston. For barbeque catering services, the restaurant's barbeque menu starts at $7.00 per/person and delivery is free for groups of 50 or more.

For more information regarding authentic Texas barbecue meals in Houston, please contact Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q at (281) 530-9382.

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Houston Barbeque Restaurant A Local Gem
Houston Barbeque Restaurant A Local Gem