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Barbecue Restaurant: An Historic Houston Establishment

Barbecue restaurants in Houston have been around for as far back as the city's founding. But good barbecue restaurants are few and far between. Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q knows how to prepare authentic Texas barbecue because they've been doing it since 1952.

The six Kiddy Brothers founded Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q over 50 years ago, and its current location at 11534 S. Wilcrest at S. Bellfort has been serving the public mouth-watering barbecue since 1980.

Barbecue in the Southern United States offered indigenous people a method of preserving meat. Texas barbecue, however, has evolved into a great social event. In Texas, barbecue means beef, and at Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q, the Kiddy brothers took the craft of smoking barbecue to a whole new level.

Using only Hickory wood for the smoking process, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q produces barbecue meals fit for a king (or perhaps hard-working cowboys and cowgirls). Texas has long held a tradition of exemplary barbecue, and the Kiddy Brothers take their craft seriously.

Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q doesn't just offer savory barbecue dishes to hungry Houston diners. They also use fresh produce for salads and sides, as well as boasting a wide selection of desserts. Don't forget to try Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q's delicious homemade pies.

Some of the irresistible items on the Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q menu include:

In addition to Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q's in-house dining, the restaurant also offers a comprehensive barbecue catering service that can accommodate any size event in Houston. Whether you're hosting an office party, family gathering, or large reception, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q will ensure that your event is memorable.

Open seven days a week, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q has some of the most reasonable prices for barbeque in Houston. For barbeque catering services, the restaurant's barbeque menu starts at $7.00 per/person and delivery is free for groups of 50 or more.

For more information regarding authentic Texas barbecue meals in Houston, please contact Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q at (281) 530-9382.

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Barbecue Restaurant: An Historic Houston Establishment
Barbecue Restaurant: An Historic Houston Establishment