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Houston Barbecue Restaurant Recipe

Houston barbecue is a local tradition, with countless barbecue restaurants boasting unique sauces and barbeque meals. Barbecue in Texas is known the world over, but what most people don't realize is that a tasty barbecue sauce is fairly easy to prepare.

One restaurant that has been serving the Houston area since 1952 is Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q located at 11534 S. Wilcrest at S. Bellfort. Using only Hickory wood for the smoking process, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q produces barbecue meals fit for a king (or perhaps hard-working cowboys and cowgirls).

You might be wondering what the secret is to the unique flavors found in Texas barbecue. Many barbecue restaurants incorporate some variety of hot pepper, such as jalapeno or hot sauce. This often adds an extra kick that makes Texas barbecue meals one-of-a-kind.

To make your very own authentic Texas barbecue sauce, you will need:

The first step is to saute the onions in a medium saucepan until they are translucent. Next, add all of the remaining ingredients. Cook on medium heat until the mixture is smooth and silky. Use the sauce to baste your favorite meat prior to and curing the cooking process. Refrigerate or freeze leftover sauce for future barbecue feasts. It's that simple!

If this recipe still feels a bit daunting, you can also purchase your favorite barbecue sauce from the grocery store and simply add jalapeno peppers or hot sauce. However, cooking the sauce from scratch is tastier, more fulfilling, and easily achieved by even the most amateur of chefs.

One Houston local favorite, Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q, prepares authentic Texas barbecue meals that are not easy to replicate. With some of the most reasonable prices for barbecue in Houston, and a delectable selection of sides, salads, and homemade desserts, you can't go wrong with Hickory Barn.

For barbecue catering services, the restaurant's barbecue menu starts at $7.00 per/person and delivery is free for groups of 50 or more.

For more information regarding authentic Texas barbecue meals in Houston, please contact Hickory Barn Bar-B-Q at (281) 530-9382.

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Houston Barbecue Restaurant Recipe

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Houston Barbecue Restaurant Recipe
Houston Barbecue Restaurant Recipe